Dutch Polymer Institute


DPI is a foundation funded by Dutch industry, universities and the government which was set up to perform exploratory research in the area of polymer materials. 

DPI operates at the interface of universities and industry, linking the scientific skills of university research groups to the industrial need for innovation. 

DPI carries out pre-competitive research projects to add value to the scientific community through scientific publications and to the industrial community through the creation of intellectual property. 

DPI provides a unique platform for generating awareness of new technology, in which participating industrial companies, competitors in the market place, communicate on a pre-competitive basis to trigger innovation. 

DPI integrates the scientific disciplines and know-how of universities into the ‘chain of knowledge’ needed to optimise the conditions for making breakthrough inventions and triggering industrial innovation. 

DPI aims to combine scientific excellence with a genuinely innovative impact in industry, thereby creating a new mindset in both industrial and academic research. 

DPI aims to fill the innovation gap between industry and universities and so resolve the Dutch Paradox of scientific excellence and lack of innovation. 

Some 200 researchers (PhDs and Post-Docs) are currently involved in DPI projects at knowledge institutes throughout the world.



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