Currently DPI has about 50 running projects in four different programme areas.  All active projects are listed below. You can also use the search engine for accessing current as well as former DPI projects.

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A comprehensive integrated HTC&HTE workflow for the mechanistic study of (novel) olefin polymerization catalysts

Antimicrobial recombinant polymers for treatment of nosocomial infections

COntact mechaNics, FrictIon and coNtact fatiguE on polymeric SURFACES

Curable Semi-aromatic or aliphatic Semi-crystalline Thermoplastics

Design of novel donor-acceptor systems with optimized morphology and transport

Direct insight into elusive active Ti species of high-yield Ziegler-Natte Catalysts

Emergent properties of biomolecular systems: structural/dynamic characterization and development of new functionalities

Enzymatic catalysis for the production of biobased monomers and polymers based upon them

Experimental and computational study of dense gas-fluidised beds with liquid injection

Film Formation in Complex Colloidal Coatings

Functional Polymeric Additives for Engineering Plastics

High Impact Polypropylene: Structure Evolution and impact on Reaction

High Tg Liquid Crystal Thermosetting Resins: A New Generation High-performance Polymers for Advanced Composites

How short-cut fibers influence friction, wear and noise generation of polymers

Impact of the geometric parameters of catalyst supports on the kinetics and morphology of polyolefins

In situ X-ray measurements

Looking down the rabbit hole: impact of porosity in the (in)organic layers on the perfomance of moisture permeation multi-layer barriers

Membranes with adjustable interior in their nanopores

Microbial Synthesis of Functional Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA)

Microstructure-based Modeling of the Intrinsic Kinectics of Ageing and Deformation of Polymer Glasses

Molecular Simulations of Polymer Networks: Stress-Strain Relations, Cavitation, and Dynamics in Confinement

Novel Isocyanate-free, Chain-Extended Polyurethane Dispersions Containing Alternative Internal Dispersing Agents

Novel Quadrupolar Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Methodology for the Study of MgCl2-Supported Ziegler-Natta Catalysts

Optimisation and Calibration of High-Temperature Liquid Chromatographic Separation of Polypropylene and Propylene based Copolymers

Organic semiconductors blended into a crosslinkable insulator: Separating processability from optoelectronic functionality

Photonic supralatices for pigment-free colour in waterbased coatings

Predicting the Fountain Flow Instability from Material Properties and Processing conditions

Predictive  modelling  of  mechanical  anisotropy  in  oriented  semi-crystalline  polymers directly from morphological characteristics

Predictive Modelling of Polyolefin Reactors

Predictive processing of polymer: fullerene solar cells

Processing for Enhanced Product Performance

Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSAR) in Metallocene-Based Olefin Polymerization Catalysis

Relating Polymer Rheology to Apparent Viscosity in Poreus Media

Responsive and self-healing membranes with well-defined nanopores using block copolymers

Responsive Commodity Polymers

Responsive IR reflectors based on polymeric cholesteric liquid crystals

Self-replenishing high-surface-energy coatings

Self-Synthesizing Hydrogels

Solution-Processed Small-Molecule Tandem OPV

Strategies towards industrial production of new (branched) polyacrylamide structures for EOR

Structural investigations on MAO and design of alternative well-defined cocatalysts and single-component catalysts

Supramolecular Biomaterials with a Dual Network Architecture for Stem Cell Expansion

Supramolecular Biomaterials with Antimicrobial and Regenerative Activity

Switchable topologies using responsive polymers for controlled wetting and self-cleaning surfaces

Tailored water-based materials assembled from sponge-like building blocks

Towards flexible memories with coordination polymers with polar rotors

Tuning the optical properties of thin film coatings by using self-assembled protein particles