Currently DPI has about 50 running projects in four different programme areas.  All active projects are listed below. You can also use the search engine for accessing current as well as former DPI projects.

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 Active Projects

  High Tg Liquid Crystal Thermosetting Resins: A New Generation High-performance Polymers for Advanced Composites  
  Strategies towards industrial production of new (branched) polyacrylamide structures for EOR  
  Relating Polymer Rheology to Apparent Viscosity in Poreus Media  
  Reactivity and Mechanisms in Post-Metallocene Polyolefin Catalysis Studied by Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization  
  Structural investigations on MAO and design of alternative well-defined cocatalysts and single-component catalysts  
  Computational Modeling of Ziegler-Natta Propene Polymerization Catalysts: Chemical Reactivity  
  SUrface SPecies in Ziegler-­Natta Catalysts by dnp sENS  
  Experimental and computational study of dense gas-fluidised beds with liquid injection  
  High Impact Polypropylene: Structure Evolution and impact on Reaction  
  Gas Phase Propylene (Pre)Polymerisation: Impact of catalyst activation, prepolymerisation and support morphology on polypropylene production  
  A comprehensive integrated HTC&HTE workflow for the mechanistic study of (novel) olefin polymerization catalysts  
  Novel Quadrupolar Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Methodology for the Study of MgCl2-Supported Ziegler-Natta Catalysts  
  Novel Isocyanate-free, Chain-Extended Polyurethane Dispersions Containing Alternative Internal Dispersing Agents  
  Film Formation in Complex Colloidal Coatings  
  Self-replenishing high-surface-energy coatings  
  Tuning the rheology of waterborne Polyurethane binoter+thickener mixtures  
  Tuning the interactions between silica fillers and polymer binders towards hard and crack resistant water-based coatings   
  Phase stability, dynamics and structure of binary aqueous polymer dispersions  
  Laser speckle Imaging of drying dynamics in waterborne coatings  
  In-situ investigation of the film information process in waterborne coatings  
  Sefl-dispersible thermoplastic polymers  
  Responsive IR reflectors based on polymeric cholesteric liquid crystals  
  Tuning the optical properties of thin film coatings by using self-assembled protein particles  
  Solution-Processed Small-Molecule Tandem OPV  
  Design of novel donor-acceptor systems with optimized morphology and transport  
  Membranes with adjustable interior in their nanopores  
  Molecular Simulations of Polymer Networks: Stress-Strain Relations, Cavitation, and Dynamics in Confinement  
  Microstructure-based Modeling of the Intrinsic Kinectics of Ageing and Deformation of Polymer Glasses  
  The chemistry of rubber modification and crosslinking: New approaches towards an old problem. Continuation of DPI project #749  
  How short-cut fibers influence friction, wear and noise generation of polymers  
  Contact mechanics, friction and contact fatigue on polymeric surfaces  
  Processing for Enhanced Product Performance Continuation of the DPI#786  
  Development of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) NMR for the study of polymer surfaces, interfaces, fillers and coatings  
  Polymer extrusion of particle filled systems  
  COntact mechaNics, FrictIon and coNtact fatiguE on polymeric SURFACES  
  Processing for Enhanced Product Performance  
  Predicting the Fountain Flow Instability from Material Properties and Processing conditions  
  Functional Polymeric Additives for Engineering Plastics  
  Optimization of interface strenght in advanced polymer composite materials  
  Tailored water-based materials assembled from sponge-like building blocks  
  Emergent properties of biomolecular systems: structural/dynamic characterization and development of new functionalities  
  Microbial Synthesis of Functional Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA)